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Instagram reportedly testing Multi-Photo Album uploads on Android


ImageFile: Instagram reportedly testing Multi-Photo Album uploads on AndroidInstagram has been reported to be testing a feature that allows users upload multiple photos at a go to making a single album on Android devices.

According to a report in Droid Life on Thursday, the Instagram new feature will let users share multiple photos from their Smartphone’s gallery as an album on the photo-sharing network.

Only advertisers are able to share multiple photos from their gallery currently which users can swipe through horizontally, but with the test, it looks like the feature may make its way to all 600 million Instagram users soon.

“Users can select up to 10 photos from their galley, slap on filters to each photo they choose, then upload the photos as an album to your timeline.

“From your followers’ perspective, they will see the album and can then slide through the various shots, liking photos as they go,” the report noted.

The Facebook-owned company looks to be testing the feature with select Android users for now, as not everyone with the app can see it. So far, only limited users can see the feature on Instagram v10.7.0 for Android, the latest version of the app that’s available from Google Play.

Some users report that they are seeing the feature in the beta version of the Android app, however, there is no telling when iOS devices will get the new feature.

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