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Trump master of Twitter, says platform co-founder


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Ev Williams, co-founder of microblogging platform, Twitter has called U.S. President Donald Trump “master” of the platform.

This is coming just days after Trump said he used Twitter as a “typewriter” and “a modern way to communicate” in order to get things noticed distinctly.

“What Trump has done with Twitter is pretty genius, frankly. He’s a master of the platform like few others,” CNN Business reported Williams to have said.

Williams argued against potential negative effects of tweets from Trump, who is infamous for making controversial statements, war threats and spelling errors on his Twitter handle.

He said the President’s tweets on the country’s political discourse are “trivial compared to the effect of the broader media”.

Williams said Twitter was not as destructive of a platform as Fox News is.

“The vast majority of the electorate is not on Twitter reading Trump’s tweets and being convinced by that. What they’re convinced much more by is the destructive power of Fox News, which is much, much more powerful and much more destructive than Twitter,” Williams was quoted as saying.

Williams co-founded Twitter in 2007 with Jack Dorsey. Later, in 2008, he became the CEO of Twitter, replacing Dorsey.

After 12 years of being associated with the company, in February 2019, Williams stepped down from Twitter’s board to “focus his time on other projects”.

Williams now runs online publishing platform Medium — a site he describes as a network for longer-form, more in-depth content, the report noted.

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