Unlike Google Local Guides, NIPOST ‘Guides’ will make money


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Similar to Google Local Guides, the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) has launched a product that will enable Nigerians to make actual earnings by claiming public locations.

TheNewsGuru (TNG) reports NIPOST launched Digital Addressing System at a one-day stakeholders’ conference held in Lagos on Friday.

Digital Addressing System is an ultra-specific addressing system that cuts across every nook and cranny in Nigeria.

It is an addressing system that is specific to states, local government and districts in such a way that there is no repetition by giving areas unique digital codes.

Unlike Google Local Guides that end up without any actual earnings, NIPOST address verification agents are set to earn big by claiming as many digital addresses as possible.

“We would use millions of Nigerian youths as our address verification agents to enable them to make money.

“All they have to do is to come with a simple smartphone with an Internet connection, go to a location, and verify people’s address.

“They will take their details and photograph, which will be automatically uploaded into our database,”

“So this means if you can verify as many addresses as possible, you can make a lot of money,” Postmaster-General, NIPOST, Adebisi Adegbuyi, stated.

This translates to mean Nigerians can now have hassle free digital addresses to facilitate e-commerce transactions as well.


According to the Postmaster-General, while Nigerians can claim as many digital addresses as possible, they can only verify one address specifically for use for bank transactions, national IDs, driver’s licence, e-commerce and the rest.

“The person who wants an address to be verified for him or her wants to use it for a purpose, either to access government services, to procure international passport, or to procure driver’s license; he or she is going to pay N1,000 as address verification fee,” he stated.

TNG reports the DAS application is available for download for iOS here and for Android here.


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