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[TNG INVESTIGATION] Sokale Garden: Where men sleep with call girls under trees


…a bout of  sex under the tree costs N700

…by the side of flowers a round costs N500

By Okite Okite

Sokale Garden a popular spot is located in Dutse a suburb of Abuja City where men make love with call girls under a tree and adjoining flowers.

A probe by TNG into the activities of call girls in this serene Abuja town has revealed that the Sokale Garden as it’s popularly called has been in existence for more than 16 years.

As from 6 pm men walk into this garden surrounded by flowers  and a big tree behind where a few chairs and tables are scattered to create room for men and women of easy virtue to ply their trade.

There is no signpost indicating the location of the garden said to be partly owned by a retired general.

All you see is a wooden bridge linking the garden but motorists can access it four poles away from the Sokale roundabout Bustop  in Dutse.

Deep inside the garden there is a hut that customers pay for a short rest not far from one massive tree that allows customers to openly sleep with girls.

There is no recognisable madam as the girls ranging from between 17 years to 35 years including undergraduates soliciting male customers.

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There are two corners that attract different prices for sex bouts, while under the tree attracts N700 per round  because the place is always dark, the flowery corner attracts a fee of only N500 per round of sex because it’s in the open.

A chat with a regular patron at the garden on Christmas eve revealed that the place has been in existence for over 16 years.

Mr Oke Andrew(not real name) told TNG that”this place has been in existence since I was in the secondary school and I have been coming here on a regular basis since 2011 to ease tension.

“You know one thing for sure it’s cheaper than brothels where you pay N1000 per round but here with just N500 you can do it and use your remaining N500 to down a bottle of beer or ‘alumo’, he said.

“Can’t you see fine babes around, different people from the military to civil servants patronise here just go outside and see the kind of cars outside.

Asked why is the place called Sokale, he responded saying” I don’t really know but I think is the name of the area because Sokale means go down or disembark in the Yoruba dialect.

“But the truth is that I don’t really know why it’s named Sokale but this is where we catch our fun, “Oke added.

TNG also had a chat with one of the call girls who simply identified herself as Glory Jacob from Akwa Ibom and she explained how the garden operates.

She said “oga for here na sharp sharp one we de oh, if you want make we go under tree that one na N700 and by the side of the flower that one na N500.

Asked how does she cope when the men are many, Glory said” I have some regular customers and when they are more than two I beg others to wait for their turn.

“For here na turn by turn and if you no fit wait women plenty na you go select abi you no de see people de go under tree go do?

“If you are ready with your pay just drop am sharp sharp we don finish the show as other customers too de road de come.

A further probe by this reporter on how many men can she sleep with  in a day, Glory said” in a good day I fit sleep with ten if customers many na.

“But when market no de at times four men or six but this period na big market time because  Christmas de and men de many well well for us, she added.


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