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Video: Skuki Vavavoom gets erection performing on stage

Believe it or not, singers also get aroused on stage. That awkward moment catches them unaware, but the show must go on.


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Vavavoom of the Afropop group, Skuki recently got everyone talking while performing at an event.  The Afropop singer was treated to seductive dance steps by female dancers which resulted in him having an erection on stage. This has led to a myriad of comments on social media.


Brian one of their fans wrote:”The simple reason I alway wear tight pants. That thing down there uses independent brain”.

Annie said:”His banana wants to fall on someone”

“His attempt at covering the erection was so hilarious like dude couldn’t you have made it less obvious” a certain Shakira revealed


Vavavoom of skuki gets erection during performance with sexy ladies #TheNewsGuru #TNG

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