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Who bewitched Africans? By Kelechi Deca

By Kelechi Deca

Africa CEO’s Forum is taking place in Geneva, and from what I glean from reports and clips, it is a full house. Imagine hosting Asia CEO’s Forum in London, or America’s CEO’s forum in Paris.

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How can Africa have faith in the progressive entrepreneurship of such a people?

How can such CEOs who are mostly suffering from colonial infested inferiority complex think up the quality of ideas that can transform Africa?

Imagine the number of First Class tickets so called Africa CEO’s will cough out to be in Geneva. And only one African airline (Egypt Air) has a direct flight to Geneva from Africa. All other airlines are European, meaning the capital flights starts with the air tickets in the neighbourhood of $3500.

Then they will stay in choice hotels where a room goes from $400-$500 per night. With limousine services, shopping and call girls allowances.

Self destructive activities that perpetuate the spirit of the scramble and partition of Africa since 1885.

Why cant such a forum take place in Lagos,Nairobi, Johannesburg, Cairo or Addis Ababa, if it is truly about Africa?

To what extent will hosting the forum in Geneva add to the quality of discourse and the likelihood of implementation of agreements reached in the communique?

I have been involved in international conferences in the last 18 years, the shameful aspect is that if you announce the venue of that conference to be in any African city, some of those guys pontificating on TV, on how to create enabling business environment in Africa will not show up.

First, it gives some of them the opportunity to fleece their organisations via huge travel expenses and esta codes. Second, it gives them the opportunity to start junketing from one end of Europe to another in the excuse of unproductive vacation.

And I also know from experience that there are some who will be collect esta code and other allowances for the forum but immediately after registration they will disappear only to reappear on the closing day.

The liberation of Africa must start from the mind. Africans must invest in the much needed mental building blocks necessary to identify and understand how to protect and push for their enlightened group interests.

Africa my Africa….

“Africa, tell me Africa
Is this your back that is unbent
This back that never breaks under the weight of humilation
This back trembling with red scars
And saying no to the whip under the midday sun”

—– David Diop.