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I will like to know the woman my man cheats with-Seyi Hunter

Actress and filmmaker, Seyi Hunter is one damsel who speaks her mind when it comes to matters of the heart. The Hunters Media CEO advises women to accept the reality that all men are cheats. Rather than lamenting and crying out in frustration, she believes women should know the girls their partners are cheating with in order to be sure they are clean girls and take them for tests.

In an exclusive interview with TheNewsGuru she says:”Every man cheats, so that’s not even a question. I will even like to know the girls he cheats with so as to be sure they’re clean girls and take them for test. That way, I get to be in control. Even if I don’t meet them, my man should be free enough to tell me about his sexcapades, there should be no secret”.

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When asked why she believes every man cheats, she says:”Any man that hasn’t cheated hasn’t met the true daughters of Eve.Even the Bible says trust no man”




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