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I will take power from Buhari come 2019, Fayose insists [Video]

Buhari directs my calls to his CSO, we've not spoken in two years – Fayose

Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, in celebrating three years of his victory in the June 21, 2014, Governorship Election while stressing that he will take power from Buhari come 2019.

At the rally, the governor lambasted President Muhammadu Buhari, accusing him of running a government of nepotism.

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Specifically, he stated that the 2017 budget did not capture the interests of all Nigerians, especially Ekiti State with no federal government appropriated for it.

Fayose said the people of the state would revolt against the All Progressives Congress in the 2018 governorship poll due to its insensitivity to the plights of Ekiti.


“The APC-led federal government is fighting everybody, the judiciary and legislators, as well as the press, were not spared. They are running a lawless government and that was why they refused to release Col. Bello Dasuki and El-Zakky Zakky despite court orders. This is not the kind of Nigeria of our dream.

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“The APC will be upset in 2018, we will crush them and that is why you have to be strong and firm. I am a leader in Nigeria and nobody can gag or cow me because this country belongs to all of us. Today, Nigerians are hungry and angry. There is so much nepotism and poverty in the land, so this government must go.

“Nigeria must be restructured. You can’t get peace when there is no justice. You must do budget that will represent the interest of everybody; this country belongs to all of us. This is not the kind of Nigeria we craved for. There must be equity.

“They have no choice than to restructure this country for good. They have abandoned their manifesto. They are no longer talking about it.”

Fayose appealed to Ekiti electorate to register in the ongoing Continuous Voter Registration so that they can have the opportunity to vote against the APC in 2018.

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“This victory march is meant to thank the people of Ekiti State and to finally break down the wall of Jericho, because I know we shall triumph for I have the people behind me. After winning, I am going to Abuja to be President of Nigeria. I will take power from Buhari in 2019 and that shall come to pass.