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Woman stabs 8-month-old son in Ebonyi

An 8-month-old baby was stabbed in the stomach by his mother, who also happens to be the wife of a police sergeant living at the police barracks in Abakaliki. reports that the woman carried out the dastardly act with a knife and left it inside the baby’s stomach before a neighbour saw him and screamed for help.

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Reports claim that the woman suffers from periodic mental issues, and had to be taken to the hospital for treatment following the incident.

According to a medical practitioner who was present at the hospital when the baby was brought in, the boy had already lost so much blood and the knife was still stuck in his belly.

A Facebook user identified as Omeri Nwachi who said he was present when the baby was brought in wrote on his Facebook page:

A woman stabbed this baby, you can’t imagine that it was true and I actually snapped it myself. The baby is still alive and was being prepared for surgical procedure. Please pray for the survival of this baby”.

According to the Chief Medical Director of the Federal Teaching Hospital, Dr. Emeka Ogar, the baby has since had a successful surgery, and the knife has also been extracted.

The Ebonyi state Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Jude Madu, also confirmed the incident, stating that the baby’s mother has been taken to a psychiatric hospital for a thorough checkup.