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Ycee, Sony Music’s boss trade words on Twitter

Like many pop stars, Ycee was optimistic when he put pen to paper for a  distribution deal with Sony Music in October 2016. Fast forward to 2017, Ycee has been lamenting over the Sony Music deal.


The pop star has been pouring out his grievance on Twitter about the deal facilitated by  Michael Ugwu, a Sony Music executive.

Ycee had blamed Ugwu, for “milking” the sweat of artistes.

His intense accusations made Ugwu react on Twitter stating, “Not the first time I’ve been called out and I doubt It will be the last,” adding that the music business is a roller coaster of “smooth and rough” times.


Ugwu also  wrote about the sheer allegations: “The act of making false statements about another which harms his reputation. Defamatory statements broadcast over media = libel #defamation


“A contract is a voluntary arrangement between two or more parties that is enforceable by law as a binding legal agreement #issacontract.

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“Appropriate methods of contract dispute resolution. 1)Negotiation 2)Mediation 3)Arbitration 4)Litigation #appropriate.”


An angry Ycee who is dissatisfied with his response, wrote: “This is about the growth of our industry and helping upcoming artistes who aren’t enlightened. I imagine you in politics.

“You sat on my EP for months without doing anything. My sweat, my life and all I’ve got. Thank God my label had a plan B” he revealed.




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